TP 22-214

The TP 22-214 trapezoidal profile can be delivered up to a maximum length of 15500 mm. With its overall width of 1070 mm, this is a very economical profile, and it can be delivered in aluminium (0.5 mm – 0.9 mm) and steel (0.5 mm – 0.75 mm). We are also happy to produce this profile in alu-zinc, stainless steel, copper or titanium zinc.

Due to its incorporated water trap, the TP 22-214 has an extremely safe longitudinal overlap. The water trap prevents penetration of water caused by capillary effects.

The TP 22-214 is also optionally available with SILENT-AC-Vlies. The double fusion edge prevents dripping water from the rainwater pipe from seeping into the fleece. This double fusion cut is made at both ends of the profile, allowing the direction in which the sheets are laid to be freely selected at the building site.

TP 22-214
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