Surfaces for metal profiles

For the best first impression And the best finishing touch.
Selecting the correct surface for metal profiles of roofs and façades increases the visual effect of the base material and also protects it effectively against environmental influences.

Metal surfaces with a natural finish create interesting patina effects when subjected to the elements. The stucco-hammered optics break the light, reducing the dazzling effect.

The brushed surfaces of stainless steel or aluminium look very noble and accentuate the design of the building.

The hydrophobic BEMO-FLON coating is highly UV resistant, can be painted over at any time, and is available in all gloss grades from matt to high gloss. Approx. 42,000 sampled colours provide you with an enormous selection. Our colour lab invites you to design your own colour.

Nitrogen oxides in the air can be actively neutralised by the EcoClean™ coating from Alcoa. Intelligent protection for tomorrow and the day after.
The multitude of BEMO surfaces allows for a wide range of design options, without any compromise in material quality or the long life of the product.