Colour variety for metal profiles

No limits to creativity. Or to colour fastness.
BEMO opens you to an enormously wide range of colours and paint systems. For your project, this means: Every required shade can be delivered. All gloss grades are available, from matt to high gloss. Naturally, you can also combine several shades within a single project. Approx. 42,000 sampled shades are already available.

Material for edge/border and connecting parts are of course available in the same colour of every material used in the roof and façade profile.

You can achieve your own special design effect with a colour you design yourself! You can develop these at will in our colour lab in Switzerland. A unique possibility for the unmistakable design of your building.

Our BEMO effect paints allow you to achieve a special emphasis.

The high-quality BEMO-FLON coating system has a very long-life, is highly colour-fast, and UV resistant. An additional special feature: the surfaces can be painted over and original paint is available for the connection parts in any colour you choose.

Allow yourself to be inspired in your design by this colourful variety.