BEMO standing seam profiles

BEMO standing seam profiles in aluminium are self-supporting and are suitable for almost all roof shapes and façades.

The BEMO roof system is optimally designed in terms of building physics and is planned and fully adapted to the requirements of the respective building. The system provides exceptional noise-protection features.

The BEMO standing seam tracks are mounted non-penetratively on the BEMO halter system. This ensures the safe thermal expansion of the material. Large roof areas can be created safety with the BEMO roof system without penetration of screws and cross-overlaps – even on low roof inclinations.

A BEMO roof has an extremely long life – with low maintenance and care requirements.

We use conical standing seam profiles for tapered buildings. Our patented BEMO-MONRO system is available for curved, rounded and freeform metal roofs.

Our more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of standing seam profiles in aluminium is especially noticeable in the high level of variability of the tracks we can produce. But also in the numerous test and approval documents for our products. All significant international approvals exist for the worldwide use of our products.

And our experienced staff will surely find the right product for your special application from our large variety of metal materials, coating systems and accessories – long-life in high quality and freedom in design are therefore guaranteed.

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