Mobile production

All BEMO production machines are mobile and are therefore available at the site of the project worldwide. This also applies to the patented BEMO-MONRO production technology – for individual shapes of the metal profiles used within freeform buildings.

All profile shapes, whether BEMO-MONRO freeform profiles or conical standing seam profiles, are produced in just one workstep. This ensures the correct shape of the profile, the productivity of production at the project, and last-but-not-least the ability to even produce all shapes in very long tracks.

Rounded roof and façade shapes are also produced on mobile systems on-site in a second workstep, referred to as arching.

The mobile rollforming machines are developed by BEMO themselves. They are ideally suited for worldwide use in extreme climate zones. The machines are installed in standard containers and can therefore be transported without special effort.

The mobile production at the building site is carried out by BEMO staff who are perfectly acquainted with the machines, the products and the procedure at the building site.

The benefits of mobile production:

  • Just-in-time production directly at the location of the project
  • Changes in planning and execution can be made “at the last minute”Long track lengths are possible, even over 100 metres. Even for freeform tracks and conical profiles.
  • Low transport requirements. Ecologically sensible use of resources.
  • Production of long tracks “at the roof edge” avoids high outlays for transport protection and hoists
  • Any products damaged when building can be replaced immediately