The TEKOFIX substructure for façade systems

The current legal requirements for ventilated curtain façades, as documented, e.g. in ENEV 2014, require that the parameter of an insulated façade to be evaluated is the effective U-value of the structure actually being built.

Frequently, however, when evaluating the required wall structure, the influencing factors are not known and this results, e.g. in an underestimation of the influence of punctiform thermal bridges, or of them being ignored altogether.
The result: the selected wall structure does not meet the requirements. The thickness of the insulation alone must not be taken as the reference U-value, but must always be considered when fully installed.

If the punctiform heat bridges of the often-used metal substructures are correctly measured, then insertion of very high insulation thickness is practically unavoidable.

The solution for this problem is provided by the TEKOFIX façade substructure system.
The brackets are made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. It almost completely prevents punctiform heat bridges in the façade. Passive-house standards can easily be achieved with TEKOFIX.

The TEKOFIX substructure system is approved by building authorities. Its material has been tried-and-tested over a long time and is completely free of plasticizers.

When using the TEKOFIX system instead of a metallic substructure system, the thickness of the thermal insulation can be reduced by up to 75% with the same effective U-value.