WP 18-76

The WP 18-76 corrugated profile can be ordered up to a maximum delivery length of 15,000 mm and is available in aluminium (0.7 mm – 1.0 mm), steel (0.63 mm – 0.88 mm), alu-zinc, stainless steel, copper or titanium zinc.

  • Large colour selection
  • All flashings and connectors from the same primary material
  • Perforated models with various hole patterns up to maximum 40 % perforation
  • Can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally

The profile is a timeless façade element and captivates with its elegant appearance. The special profiled water trap prevents the capillary flow of water under the profiles in the lateral overlap areas in the roof, and also provides the uniform laying direction within the façade.

WP 18-76
WP 27-111
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