Light and shadow

Façades with a difference – The play of light and shadow

Façades with perforated profiles change depending on the fall of light, the position of the sun, or special lighting. They can be used in innumerable situations – and their design possibilities are just as innumerable. All BEMO façade profiles are available perforated. Using different hole patterns – for an exciting design of the façade or an energy-saving shading solution on outdoor façades, for extraordinary lighting effects or for acoustic measures within the building.

With their perforated profiles in base material aluminium, they provide a wide selection of hole patterns – for all BEMO products. The hole pattern that can be used thereby depends on the structural requirements – and here too, we will be happy to advise you.

Various profile geometries and colours can also be combined into a unique, comprehensive design from the same base material and hole pattern. Or you keep the colour and vary the hole pattern. There are hardly any limits to façade design with BEMO.