Innovative façade systems for your building.

BEMO has a unique range of services for metal façades systems of all sizes, for every façade shape and for every climate zone. 
All products are available in a uniquely wide range of material, surfaces and colours.

The BEMO TEKOFIX substructure system for ventilated curtain façades does not conduct heat and can therefore be used optimally in terms of building physics. The thermal bridge free bracket improves the U-value of your façade by up to 75 %, prevents formation of condensation, and is very easy to mount. The TEKOFIX bracket is currently the only thermal bridge free bracket on the market that is approved by the building authorities.

Using materials of the highest quality, thorough planning and low-wear assembly systems, BEMO ensures the long-life of the rainscreen clading. The main material we use is aluminium. But even steel, zinc, stainless steel and other materials are available.

All BEMO façade system constructions are approved by the building authorities and are regularly monitored both by ourselves and outside agencies.