The roof of the new Airport in Istanbul is nearly finished and the handover is in progress.

To execute the ~ 425.000 sqm big BEMO Standing Seam roof – which is the largest combined metal roof in the world with a complete thermal bridge free build-up – in just 20 month was a big challenge, which was successfully tackled by the teams of ADEN Metal and BEMO.

This logistical “mission” was realised in close cooperation of ADEN Metal and BEMO with efficient local Turkish suppliers.

At peak times, more than 1.000 workers from ADEN Metal were installing between 40.000 – 50.000 sqm per month of the complete roof package at different positions at the same time.

BEMO was on site with 2 Rollforming and 1 Curving machine, to guarantee 24/7 the standing seam production just in time and at the requested places of this huge project.

During the execution time the teams handled > 1.800 tons of Aluminium, > 6.000 tons of Steel, > 80.000 cbm of Insulation, > 20 km gutters, > 460 Skylights and fixed more than 5 Mio. screws and rivets!

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