Fluid roofing for the campus Trivaus Garenne in Clamart

The triple sports hall in Clamart, France, at the campus Trivaux Garenne has received a holistic roof and façade envelop of metal.

The Architects office Gaetan Le Penheul and the façade planner Van-Santen-Associates produced a flowing form to the building. The BEMO-MONRO is the best precondition for freeform buildings using the standing seam system. As a result BEMO were involved in the early stage of the planning. This way with strong cooperation between the planners and BEMO a smooth, steady and especially producible top skin could be developed.

The 417 different BEMO standing seam sheets give the 110 m long building a fluid appearance. The convex and concave curve radius is combined. Glazing of the two long facades enhances as a contrast to the freeform of the opaque building envelope. The outdoor sports field which is integrated in to the building fits through the big rounded recess providing a good flowing form of the building.

As substructure for the BEMO standing seam roofing the BEMO-DOME was chosen. It is a flexible solution for freeform buildings. The aluminum halter-clips are fastened on to bent tubes, which gives the freeform standing seam sheets an all direction of flow.

To BEMO the sports hall is once more evidence that early involvement in the planning and excellent cooperation with architects is the grounds for a successful project.